No, not at all.
The core subjects in BSc Mathematics or BSc(H) Mathematics are only related to pure and applied mathematics as well as the Computer Algebra Systems(CAS:Computer Programs).

Subjects in BSc (H) Mathematics

Namely the subjects are like,
  • 1st semester :
    • Core : Algebra I & Calculus I
    • GE
    • Practical /CAS : Wolfram Mathematica
  • 2nd semester :
    • Core : Differential Equations & Real Analysis
    • GE
    • Practical /CAS : Wolfram Mathematica
  • 3rd semester :
    • Core : Multivariable Calculus & Theory of Real Functions
    • GE
    • Practical /CAS : Wolfram Mathematica, Latex, HTML, Beamer
  • 4th semester :
    • Core : Real Analysis II, Partial Differential Equations & Riemann Integration
    • GE
    • Practical /CAS : Wolfram Mathematica/ Maple/ Maxima, R/Octave
  • 5th semester and 6th semester have many optional subjects because in the last year you move towards specialisation in any of the core subject options available.

General Elective (GE)

There are optional subjects that you have to opt for your compulsory non-core exam, called General Elective (GE). In that you get various options varying from college to college. GE forms the part of your syllabus only during the first 2 years ie. first four semesters.
Namely, some specific topics from
  • (History)
  • (Chemistry)
  • (Physics)
  • (Geography)
  • (Economics)
  • (English)
  • (Political Science)
  • (Film Industry)
  • (Entrepreneurship)
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