Calculation of Best Four %

  • The merit shall be determined on the basis of one language and three best academic/elective subjects from.
  • Out of three, academic/elective subject chosen above, one must be the concerned subject in which the admission is sought, failing which a deduction of 2.5% will be imposed on the calculated Best Four %.
  • Note:
    • no If an applicant doesn‘t include the concerned subjects in Best Four, then a deduction of 2.5% of max marks will be charged for each subject for the purpose of calculating Best Four.
    •  All subjects to be included in the calculation of Best Four must have at least 70% theory component of exam.
    • As In case of State Boards: if the subject to be considered does not have 70% theory component and 30% practical component, then the marks of theory and practical only shall be converted to 70% and 30%, respectively as shown below:
  • Examples  :
    • 1)-  If you scored :
      • Physics 90 (theory 50/60, practical 40/40), and Chemistry 91(theory 52/60, practical 39/40); which is not in ratio of 70: 30, then the marks can be converted as;
      • New marks in Physics = 88.33; ((50/60) x 70 + (40/40) x 30) = 58.33 + 30 = 88.33
      • New marks in chemistry = 89.92; ((52/60) x 70 + (39/40) x 30) = 60.66 + 29.25 = 89.91
    • 2)-  If you scored:
      • Physics 88 (theory 45/56, IA 14/14, practical 29/30) and, Chemistry 92 (theory 48/56, IA 14/14, practical 30/30), English (90) and Biology 95 (theory 51/56, IA 14/14, practical 30/30), Mathematics 92. The marks in Physics, Chemistry and Biology have less than 70% theory component and therefore have to be converted to 70:30 ratio as done above in eg.1
      • For Physics, ((45/56) x 70 + (43/44) x 30) = 56.25+29.3 = 85.55
      • For Chemistry, ((48/56) x 70 + (44/44) x 30 = 60 + 30 = 90
      • For Biology, ((51/56) x 70 + (44/44) x 30 = 63.75 + 30 = 93.75
  • Note that :
    • The list of colleges/Programmes, where women applicants are provided a concession of 1%in the cut-off for the year 2018-19, is given in Annexure III of DU Admission Bulletin 2018-19.
    • The colleges shall admit all the applicants who meet the announced cut-off criteria. There will be No first come first serve policy.
    • The applicants with gap year(s) will not be at any disadvantage for the purpose of admission to the undergraduate programmes.

Admission Procedure As Soon As the Cut-off List Arrives

Process after registration for merit-based admissions includes the following :
  • The applicants must go into the centralized Admission Web Portal and the respective college websites for checking the declarations of cut-offs of different courses.
  • Those who meet the required cut-off must
    • Login: to the UG admission portal using their registration account and select college & course where she/he wishes to take admission.
    • Visit the College: Then one should take a print out of the registration form and along with the list of documents/certificates, proceed to the respective college for verification of mark-sheets/certificates & calculated marks percentage.
  • The college will keep the original certificates of the confirmed candidates to avoid multiple admissions. (However, the colleges shall instantly return the documents in case student withdraws her/his admission.)
  • Then applicant must log-on to the UG admission portal & make the online Admission Fee payment. (till 12 noon of the next day of the last day of admission cut-off list.)
  • After fee payment, admission process is completed.

List Of Documents & Things Required At Time Of Admission:

You get a total of three days to visit the college of your choice as per the cut off list and complete the formalities.
You must carry a folder that contains the following :
  • A pen
  • Passport sized photographs ( 10 or more in no.)
  • Originals as well as photocopies of all your documents; ( 10th marksheet, 12th marksheet, character certificate, migration certificate, blank cheque of you account)
  • A mini stapler and a small fevicol/a fevistick
  • Aadhaar card and its photocopy
  • A printout of the registration form containing the registration no. and other registration details
  • And those with reservations (SC,ST,OBC,etc.), must bring their respective certificates. And those from OBC must renew their certificates before bringing them (not older than 6 months).
  • Patience, is must!
Steps To Withdraw Admission From A College & Take Admission in Another
  • An applicant can take admission only in one course in a college at any given time.
  • To withdraw/cancel the admission in any college, she/he may cancel her/his admission online (cancellation fee will be charged), and approach the college to collect her/his certificates where the admission was taken. The applicant can proceed to take admission in another programme/college, the same day.
  • Admission fee will be adjusted automaticallyand the applicant will need to pay only the balance, if the fee is more in the new college in which the admission is being sought. In case the fee is less in the new college, the balance would be refunded to the applicant‘s account after the admissions are closed.

For Those Who Couldn’t take Admission In a given Cut-off List

(where they met the cut-off)

  • The applicants who could not take admission in a given cut-off list (where they met the cut-off criterion) may be considered for admission on the last day of admission in the immediate next cut-off list only, subject to availability of seats.

For Boards Whose Results Are Declared Late

  • For Boards, like International Baccalaureate and others, whose results are declared late, the applicants may be considered for admission during whichever cut-off list their results are declared, subject to availability of seats and provided the applicant had successfully completed the online registration process.
Note : The list of colleges of the University of Delhi, where applicants may seek admission is given in Section 21 of DU Admission Bulletin 2018-19( with links to college websites, the relevant e-mails and phone numbers)

Schedule For announcement of Cut-off Lists

Consider the two activities:
  • Activity 1: Notification of Cut-off Marks List by the Colleges
  • Activity 2: Visiting The College for Document verification, approval of admission and payment of fee
Cut-off Activity Date
Activity 1

Activity 2
19.06.2018 (Tuesday)

19.06.2018 (Tuesday) to 21.06.2018 (Thursday)
Activity 1

Activity 2
25.06.2018 (Monday)

25.06.2018 (Monday) to 27.06.2018 (Wednesday)
Activity 1

Activity 2
30.06.2018 (Saturday)

30.06.2018 (Saturday) to 03.07.2018 (Tuesday) (except Sunday)
Activity 1

Activity 2
06.07.2018 (Friday)

06.07.2018 (Friday) to 09.07.2018 (Monday) (except Sunday)
Activity 1

Activity 2
12.07.2018 (Thursday)

12.07.2018 (Thursday) to 14.07.2018 (Saturday)

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