Looking forward to admission at IISc?
Curious to discover the ingredients of the student life there?
If yes, you are on the correct page.
Being fond of the pen and the brush, I initially thought that there can be nothing more exhilarating in the world and as engaging as travelling and sketching can be. But, to my surprise, I was proved wrong.
” The world of research is equally exciting, chaotic and about being in the moment, if not more.
~ Siddharth Nair PhD, CPDM ( Joined IISc in 2016) “
Planning to pursue your higher study and research work in IISc is a decision that will bring in you a worthy and paying change.
” A change that would make me fiercely independent, confident and motivated.
~Reshma Shenoy, MTech, ESE (Joined IISc in 2015) “

The Campus Life and It’s Ingredients as per the Students’ Perspective

1. First Visit to the Campus

On your visit to IISc, what you will notice at first will be the Gulmohar Marg. Other green and verdant paths housing different departments compose a scenic site, namely the Mahogany Marg, the Badami Marg, the Tala Marg, the Ashoka Marg, the Nilgiri Marg, the Silver Oak Marg, the Amra Marg and the Arjuna Marg.

2. What Staying at Campus is like?

The Campus is fully residential.
There are many independent hostel blocks, some of which are for ladies and some for gents. These hostel blocks together can house about 3000 plus students who stay on campus. The hostels are nestled in lush green surroundings with open courtyards in most of them. No two hostels are alike. There is also sufficient parking facility for bicycles and two wheelers.

3. Special Accommodations & Guest Rooms

Limited accommodation for married students is also available on campus. There are single and double room apartments for married students to stay with their families.
Guest rooms for visiting parents of students are also available. The hostel complex also houses small utility shops like bakery, laundry, cycle repair, hair cutting and pharmacy.
To apply for accommodation, Check Apply for Accommodation.

3. Professors and Academicians

The well qualified and excellent faculty is available in each and every department.
Check the following link for details, Faculty info.

4. Mess Facilities & Canteens

For hoteliers, there are four different Mess facilities for students to choose from, depending on their tastes. Two of the messes serve only vegetarian dishes and two other messes are combo-messes that serve both veg and non-veg.
For day scholars, the following eateries offer vivid delicacies :
  • Prakruthi
  • Kabini Canteen
  • Nesara Restaurant
  • Nisarga Snack Parlour

5. The Campus is a Mini World

Travel Agencies

Two travel agencies have linked to the campus and are available at two locations in the campus.
  • Jaybee Travels
  • Varsha Tours and Travels

Photo Studio

Chetan digital colour lab is a photo studio that will be of your help for most part of the year.

Photocopying and DTP Centres

Srivari Xerox Centre is located close to the Prakruthi Canteen that will prevent your unnecessary tool to go outside the campus for daily stuffs like binding, printing, et cetera.

Book Shops

The ones which have special store of tech related books have been put up.
Tata Book House, located behind the security office building.


Raghu Medical Stores

Laundry & Dry Cleaners

Bhagawan and Parmeshwara Dry Cleaners

Tailoring Shops

Balaji Tailors

Vegetable Shops

Located near the Janata Bazar

Bakery and Pastry Shops

Location : Janata Bazar

Hair Dressing Saloons

  • Gents Parlour Location : Janata Bazar Shopping Complex
  • Ladies Parlour ie. Khub Soorat Beauty Parlour Location : Janata Bazar

Shoe Repair and Watch Repair Facilities

And a long list…

To check the timings and other details, check Campus Facilities.

6. Fests and Student Activities

One of the most capturing student activities include Pravega. It is the annual science, technology and cultural festival of Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. Started in 2013 by the undergraduates of IISc, the fest is usually held on the fourth weekend of January.

7. Auditoria & Seminar Halls

  • National Science Seminar Complex (NSSC)
  • Satish Dhawan Auditorium


  • Choksi Hall
  • Amenities Hall
Though I can sew an amazing count of words to continue describing this, but needless.
It’s just worth having.
Since I haven’t been to IISc personally, so my account was a second-hand experience from my friends and batch-mates who did.
You can best learn from first hand experiences by visiting ‘ Students’ Perspective‘.

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